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Which AutoPilot System Is Best for My Swimming Pool?

If you have ever visited AutoPilot’s Website, you know that we offer a variety of swimming pool salt chlorine generators. So which one is best-suited for your swimming pool? To answer this question, we take an in-depth look at each of our systems. After reading this article, you will be…

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How Do You Install a Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

So you’ve read a lot of our post and have decided that the best system for your swimming pool is to go with the salt generator. You’ve priced around on the internet, you’ve gone into a few pool stores, you finally find the right system and now you’re ready to…

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What is The Cost Comparison of Salt Chlorinator vs Liquid Chlorine, Tri-Chlor Tablets, and Calcium Hypochlorite?

This is a very fair and common question. What kind of money am I going to save by installing a salt chlorine generator compared to the other forms of chlorine to sanitize my pool? Well, once again, have no fear we are here to help you with those comparisons so…

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When Do I Need to Add Salt to My Swimming Pool?

This is yet another question that our sales people and dealers often hear when they are on the road, or when a new pool is being constructed. In this article we hope to help you answer this question and help you maintain your swimming pool. For a newly constructed pool…

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What Size Cell Do I Need For My Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

AutoPilot has been in business since 1976 because of this we constantly receive questions from current or prospective clients. One of the most popular is “What Size Salt Cell Do I Need for My Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator?” In this article we will try to answer this question for…

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