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Intro PoolSync Introducing... Effortlessly control PoolSync Ready equipment through the simple phone app. Whether at home or on the road, always be in sync with your pool.

App Description Dashboard
Quickly view your system status on this concise dashboard.
View the current salt level and water temp and adjust the chlorine output as needed.
Heat Pump
Adjust the mode and temperature setting in the blink of an eye.
Create schedules to automatically adjust
your settings.
ChlorSync screen App Features

Slide Download Our App Get your pool
in Sync!
With the PoolSync WiFi Controller and App, you can adjust your ChlorSync output and your heat pump's settings from the palm of your hand!

ChlorSync High Tech Line of
Salt Chlorine Generators
ChlorSync Logo Introducing...

ChlorSync World's Most Efficient
Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Slide All current AquaCal® heat pumps are PoolSync Ready
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