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What Should You Look for When Selecting a Salt Chlorine Generator?

Regardless of the brand, all salt chlorine generator (SCG) systems consists of three main components: power supply, cell, and flow protection. The differences between brands lie in how you operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your system. Let's take a closer look at those components and see what differences you need to…

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How Does Electrolysis Affect Salt Chlorine Generation?

Yes we know that the swimming season is over and for most of the country, sadly, it is time to close down your swimming pools. However, what better time to start doing research and preparing for next year’s swimming season than now if you would like to switch your swimming…

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How Can I Lower My Swimming Pool Chlorination Costs

Chlorine—If you are a pool owner, you can't live without it, but the cost of keeping your pool properly chlorinated can be hard to live with. Since chlorinating your pool water is not optional, what can you do cut your chlorination costs to the bone, while still keeping your pool…

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Is My Salt Chlorine Generator Ready for The Winter Months?

As much as we hate to see summer end, we have to accept the fact that winter is coming. Preparing your swimming pool’s system properly is key to making sure it will not suffer any damage during the winter months and be ready to go once swimming season starts again.…

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How Do I Know When to Add Salt to My Swimming Pool?

A timeless question for any homeowner new to Salt Chlorine Generators and salt water pools. You’re enjoying the feel of the water, the fact that you don’t have to do as much maintenance work to keep your pool water clear, free of algae and stains and you want to make…

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