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Can My Salt Chlorine Generator Damage My Swimming Pool System?

As a manufacturer of salt chlorine generators, we hear of many situations that are blamed on salt chlorine generators (SCGs). Whenever a pool problem surfaces that a pool service tech cannot resolve, the first assumption is usually that the problem is caused by salt. Let’s cover some issues that are…

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Are Salt Chlorine Generators Good for Commercial Pools?

Although most Pool Pilot Salt Chlorine Generators (SCG) are installed on residential pools, there are many reasons for commercial aquatic facilities to consider the Pool Pilot. The same benefits that Pool Pilot provides to residential pools, such as convenience and better water feel, also apply to commercial pools. However, commercial…

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Do Salt Chlorine Generators Work Well In The Winter?

If you are like many pool owners, you have learned how wonderfully effective salt chlorine generators (SCGs) are at keeping your pool water sparking clean all summer long. But what about after summer has passed—will your salt chlorine generator work as well in the winter months? To understand how your…

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How Do I Properly Maintain My Swimming Pool During the Summer Months?

Summer's here and it's swimming season! Time to use the pool and relax with family and friends. But the pool ready? Sure, you have followed your standard routine for opening your pool for the season (those of you living north of the Mason-Dixon Line knows what that means), but…

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Why Should I Switch to a Salt Chlorine Generator?

 Have you ever wondered if traditional chlorine treatments are really the best way to treat your pool? What about salt chlorine generators (SCGs)? Are they more convenient, and do they work as well? Let's take a look at salt chlorine generators and see what advantages they might offer you over…

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