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How Can I Make My Pool More Environmentally Friendly?

In today’s society, “Going Green” is not only a trend but has now become part of our culture and our children’s way of thinking. Because of this, a lot of swimming pool owners are doing research on how to chlorinate their pool water with an environmentally friendly method. We hope…

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What is The Cost Comparison of a Salt Chlorinator vs Liquid Chlorine, Tri-Chlor Tablets, and Calcium Hypochlorite?

This is a very fair and common question. What kind of money am I going to save by installing a salt chlorine generator compared to the other forms of chlorine to sanitize my pool? Well, once again, have no fear we are here to help you with those comparisons so…

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What Is An AutoPilot CoPilot and How Is It Different From the Rest?

Being in the salt chlorine generator business since 1976, AutoPilot has a vast majority of different models and styles of these salt systems. One such model is the AutoPilot CoPilot. How does this one differ from the others? Well, that is what we are going to go over in this…

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What are the Maintainance Tips for a Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator?

Just like any other piece of equipment for your swimming pool, you want to make sure to perform maintenance on your salt chlorine generator as it is crucial to optimize the life and performance of your unit. This is also important to adhere to many manufacturers’ warranties. In this article…

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What is The Best Alternative to Liquid Chlorine For a Swimming Pool?

When making a decision on how to sanitize your swimming pool, you want to research all available options available to you. Liquid Chlorine (or Sodium Hypochlorite) is one of the most common forms of chlorine used to treat the water in your pool. In this article we will look at…

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