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What Should I Check Before Calling AutoPilot® Technical Support or Service Center?

What Should I Check Before Calling AutoPilot® Technical Support or Service Center?Once you have purchased an AutoPilot® salt chlorine generator, you have the technical knowledge and support of a company that has been on the leading edge of electrolytic chlorine generation. In business since 1976, AutoPilot® has sold over a…

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How Can I Finance My Commercial AutoPilot® System?

How Can I Finance My Commercial AutoPilot® System?You’ve done your research and decided that an AutoPilot® salt chlorine system is the perfect system for your commercial swimming pool. Now you want to look at the different payment options available to you. Whether you have an Olympic pool, a condominium, kiddy…

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How Do I Open My Pool For The Season With a Salt Chlorine Generator?

With the summer months approaching us and people getting ready to open their pools for the season, we thought it would be appropriate to write an article about how to open your swimming pool for the summer season when utilizing a salt chlorine generator. It is recommended when starting up…

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What is Reverse Polarity in a Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

Maintenance and care of your new salt chlorine generator is essential for the performance and life of your unit. One of the most common problems that cause wear on your system’s cell is calcium scale build up. In this article we will go over what the Reverse Polarity is in…

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What are The Appropiate Levels for Chemicals in a Swimming Pool?

Also, warranties can be voided if improper water chemistry is determined to be the reason for the equipment damage to your swimming pool equipment. Below is a sample chart of the basic water chemistry, the ideal test schedule and the corrective actions that can be taken to rectify the imbalance.

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