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How Can I Finance My Commercial AutoPilot® System?

You’ve done your research and decided that an AutoPilot® salt chlorine system is the perfect system for your commercial swimming pool. Now you want to look at the different payment options available to you. Whether you have an Olympic pool, a condominium, kiddy pool, or a water park, the AutoPilot® system will assure that your customers, condominium residents, kids, etc. will have a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. At AutoPilot® we are happy to provide you with an equipment lease/rental program to help with your budget, and be able to have the best salt chlorinator system in the swimming pool industry.

How Does It Work?

Once a system has been chosen, a formal equipment Lease or Rental Agreement will be filled by AutoPilot® and an authorized dealer or third party subscriber (usually the property or facility the system is being installed at). The authorized dealer in the Lease/Rental Agreement would provide installation, field service, and warranty support for the equipment as part of the agreement. Labor is covered under warranty for the first year only. Parts are also covered under warranty for the first year under the Lease Agreement, but are covered for the entire duration of the Rental Agreement. Other costs involved with the installation and peripheral equipment can also be added to the total Agreement costs.

Payments and Terms

An automatic payment schedule is arranged for deduction from the subscribers’ bank account. The start of the agreement is the day the installation is completed, and payment is immediately due. All future payments will be deducted on the same cycle as the initial payment, unless other arrangements are made in advance. For the Lease Agreement, you can choose either 24 or 36 months, with the initial payment covering two (2) months payments (first and last months). For the Rental Agreement, you can choose either 36 or 48 months, with just the first month payment due upon completion of the installation.

End of Term Options

Upon termination of the agreement, the subscriber has the option to Cancel and Return, Rollover the Lease/Rental, Buy the Equipment, or Begin a New Lease/Rental Agreement. Written Notice of Intention is needed at least 30 days prior to the end of the Agreement.
Cancel and Return: Arrangements are made for the system to be removed and plumbing returned to operating condition.
Rollover the Lease/Rental: Continue to pay the same monthly rate with the same equipment.
Buy the Equipment: The subscriber buyout for the Lease Agreement is ten percent (10%) of the current MSRP when buying directly from AutoPilot®. The Rental Agreement can be as much as thirty three percent (33%) of the current MSRP when buying directly from AutoPilot®, and is based on any increased cost of materials (further explained in the Agreement).
Begin a New Lease/Rental Agreement: The old system is removed and replaced with new equipment, and a new Agreement payment is calculated, based on the current cost of equipment. In most cases, the new Lease/Rental payments should be lower, as it will not have the additional costs of the initial electrical, mounting, or plumbing costs included.

Installation and Removal of Equipment

The authorized AutoPilot® dealer is utilized to install or remove the equipment described in the original agreement. The installing dealer is not responsible for any condition created during installation or removal of the equipment, unless it was caused by the dealer’s negligence. Upon removal of the unit, the dealer should restore the installation location back to acceptable operating condition.

These are just some of the basic outlines of the Lease/Rental Agreement for the Commercial installation of the AutoPilot® salt chlorine generator for your swimming pool. We hope you have found this information helpful. Should you require additional information, or are ready to move forward with getting an AutoPilot Commercial Salt Chlorinator System for your facility, please feel free to contact us here, and as always, if you have any questions or further comments please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a message below!

How Can I Finance My Commercial AutoPilot® System?

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    1. high voltage may have to do with lower salt levels or a scale cell condition… Or a failing cell.
      Remove and inspect your cell for debris or scale. Also have your salt level checked at your local pool store.

    1. First , remove your cell and inspect for debris or calcium scale. Clean if needed. While you have the cell out, inspect the two outer blades for erosion on the edge of the blades. If eroded, that's one indicator of a worn cell.
      Place your unit or boost, let it run 20-30 seconds, then run the TEST mode. If your voltage is higher than 19 volts and your amps are below 3.5 amps, that's another indicator.

    1. It's possible. However, remove and inspect the cell first. A dirty cell can cause false error messages.
      Next, put the unit on BOOST first, let it run 20-30 seconds then run a TEST cycle. If there are errors, it should be confirmed by energizing the cell first.

  1. What is considered "normal" volts/amps on the chlorinator cell for the 75041 (220V) model? I am getting 14-15V / 5A, but am occasionally getting a low amps – cell alarm. I've replaced the cell, the cell cable is good, 220V is good…bad power supply board?

    1. Normal is 12-17 volts at 5amps. Looks like you're within the normal range. Place the unit in BOOST first and see if you get any warning messages. Then run a TEST mode to see what the operating amps and volts are.
      If you get the low amp error, go through the BOOST and TEST modes to confirm your operating amps and volts.
      I suggest also going into the maintenance menu and doing a FORCE REVERSE then running a TEST mode again.

      Feel free to contact me directly.

  2. if my autopilot nano cell fluctuates from 15v to 2v in a typical day does that mean that cell is malfunctioning?
    I live in FL, where summers are extremely hot, water temp is usually 90, and downpours are the norm. I'm getting low chlorine readings every other day with visible algae. I'm currently shocking my pool every 2-3 days.

    1. Manny, it may display 2 volts if the cell is not energized. Put the unit in BOOST first, wait 20-30 seconds then run the TEST mode.", to confirm the operating amps and volts.
      If you're not holding chlorine, I suggest testing your cyanuric acid level and since you have algae, test for phosphates also. Phosphates are a source of food for algae.

  3. I have been extremely fortunate with the flawless performance of my DIG-220. Installed 10 years ago, the cell has a reading of 052718 hrs, and still looks brand new inside. Recently the check system light has been flashing check cell. Test reading indicates 29V and 4.2A and no flashing light when reversed. At what point will the check cell light illuminate and how much longer life can I expect from this cell. Thanks, Ron

    1. Ron, you can add some more salt to help compensate, but those amps and volt (provided your cell is clean of any scale or debris) are indicative of a depleted cell. Get your salt level up to around 4000 ppm (or 4500 ppm) and you may be able to get through this season, and get rid of the Check System light and error message for the moment.

      If you look at the edge of the blades, the two outer blades, there should be some erosion on the leading edges of those blades. This erodes in conjunction with the precious metal coating on the surface (which is what actually determines if the cell is good or depleted).

  4. I put a new cell SC 42 and I get the low amps message. I put it in the boost mode and ran a test. I am getting 0 volts and 0.6 amps. What is wrong?

  5. My system is two and a half years old, I had the main board replaced about 4 months now. In boost mode the readings are 17 volts and 5 amps.In normal operation, 0 volts and 2 amps at various times. I tested water and pool store suggest that auto pilot is not working, no clorine. Pool have little algae. Please advised. Is the main board bad again?Thanks Dan.

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