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If you have ever visited AutoPilot’s Website, you know that we offer a variety of swimming pool salt chlorine generators. So which one is best-suited for your swimming pool? To answer this question, we take an in-depth look at each of our systems. After reading this article, you will be able to select an AutoPilot system with confidence and know it will perform well in your swimming pool.

AutoPilot created salt chlorine generator cells capable of handling different water volumes at the residential and commercial pool level. They also have different power supplies capable of running these cells which are marketed to different budget levels and chlorine cell demands.

1. Pool Pilot AG

The Pool Pilot AG is specifically designed to efficiently chlorinate above-ground swimming pools. It requires little installation, and it is the simplest system we offer.

We offer three different product options to our Pool Pilot AG customers. One option is the Floater Cell. The floater requires no installation, as it is floats along the inside of your swimming pool. It uses a convection cell to continuously chlorinate your swimming pool, independent of the pump. We also offer the Pool Pilot AG with an Inline Cell, which gets plumbed into the circulation system and operates when the pump is turned on. And lastly, we offer the Pool Pilot AG with a Return Jet Cell, which is plumbed in line, but operates independent of the pump. Because the Pool Pilot AG is designed to maintain a salt level of 1,000 ppm, it is a great system for above-ground swimming pools. In-ground swimming pools are better served by the systems below.

The following systems come with our Patented Manifold, which contains the generator cell and Tri-sensor Assembly. The manifold is designed to optimize flow through the cell to improve chlorine generator efficiency.

The Tri-Sensor tests for three things: Flow, Salt, and Water Temperature. The flow switch protection activates at low as 15 gpm, ideal for operation with variable speed pumps. The salt sensor displays live, accurate salt levels and calculates the amount of salt needed to maintain 3000 ppm of salt. The Temperature Sensor shows the water temperature and automatically adjusts the output % setting based on water temperature changes (because we realize that more chlorine is needed with it gets hotter, and less is needed when it gets colder, but never shuts down because it’s too cold).
To keep the cell clean from calcium scale build-up, each power supply has an adjustable self-cleaning, reverse polarity function.

To help maintain chlorine levels, each system also contain a Boost and Super Boost feature, which overrides the normal output % setting to 100% for a period of 24 or 72 hrs then returns it back to the normal % setting, for those big backyard parties or inclement weather conditions.

2. Pool Pilot Digital Nano

  • Designed for residential pools up to 22k gallons using the RC35/22 cell.
  • Easy to read digital display screen, with on board diagnostics mode.
  • Competitively priced

3. Pool Pilot Digital Nano+

Same features as Nano, designed for residential pools up to 28k gallons using the RC28 cell.
Competitively priced for a slightly larger pool.

4. Pool Pilot Digital

  • Flagship unit capable of handling residential pools up to 52k gallons using one of three size cells.
  • Same features as Nano.
  • Three Cell Power levels to adjust the maximum amount of chlorine output.
  • Internal time clock function capable of operating pool pump (pump relay kit required for this function).

5. CoPilot

  • All the features of the Pool Pilot Nano or Digital, now combined with a hybrid ozone manifold and controller, offering an additional oxidizer, prolonging the life of the generator cell.
  • Capable of handling residential pools up to 40,000 gallons with the Nano and 85,000 with the Digital.

6. Pool Pilot Soft Touch

  • Same features as the Pool Pilot Digital but without time clock/pump feature.
  • LED Light Display instead of digital display screen giving a lower price option without sacrificing performance.

7. Pool Pilot Total Control System

  • Same features as the Digital.
  • ORP and pH control using the Pool Chemistry Controller. Two sensors tests for active chlorine strength and pH levels. When chlorine is needed, the cell is automatically activated until it reaches the desired setting. Similarly, when pH adjustments are needed, an Acid tank with a chemical feeding pump injects an acid solution in controlled doses, which extends the life of the generator cell.

8. Digital/Soft Touch Combo

  • Digital and Soft Touch power supplies allow for the control of 2 cells, designed for larger residential or commercial pools where 2 commercial cells may be required. A second Digital can be used instead of the Soft Touch for easier operation and diagnostics control.
  • Cost effective system with a high output capacity.

9. Pool Pilot Professional

  • Same features as the Digital, but without the Pump option.
  • The largest unit, capable of handling larger, commercial pools.
  • It can handle up to six commercial cells, installed in series.
  • Individually operated and monitored cells and power modules allow the system to continue operating, independent of the condition of the other cells/power modules.
  • Easy choice for water parks, commercial pools of any size, competition pools, and large water projects.


As you can see there is an AutoPilot available for all size pools or spas, we will, in future blogs go through each of them individually to help you understand all their capabilities and functionality. If you have any further questions about sizing an AutoPilot system for your specific pool please click here for more information or do not hesitate to contact us directly click

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Which AutoPilot System Is Best for My Swimming Pool?

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