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So you’ve read a lot of our post and have decided that the best system for your swimming pool is to go with the salt generator. You’ve priced around on the internet, you’ve gone into a few pool stores, you finally find the right system and now you’re ready to go. Now you have to determine how to and who is the correct person to install the unit?

Certified and Insured Pool Professionals- These are the people we usually recommend for installations. You would more often find that a pool professional would have the necessary staff and experience to install the unit correctly (you need a plumber and electrician).


This diagram shows you the typical plumbing installation:

As you can see in the diagram, the water will pass through the pool pump, filter, and then the manifold assembly (where the cell is located). It is very important that the plumbing connections be done correctly, and proper water flow is maintained. The Pool Pilot manifold is plumbed with 2” PVC Sch 40 fittings. Flow Rates should be at least 15-20 gpm, and not exceed 100 gpm. Pipe sizes larger than 2” and flow rates greater than 100 gpm, require a bypass plumbing configuration.


Depending on the system you have chosen, it can be connected in either 115 Vac or 230 Vac. Factory setting is 230 Volts. Installing 115 Vac to a 230 Vac unit, or vice-versa, may cause damage to the unit. The voltage configuration can be easily changed in the field by a qualified electrician. The following diagram is a typical low-voltage cable connection at the control center, which consist of the Tri-sensor cord and the Cell Cord. Keep in mind that there are 12’ of cord available to reach between the control center to the manifold so place the control unit within this distance to the manifold location.

Attention should be paid to the grounding and bonding you can see the Bonding Lug on the diagram above.

Measure and cut ½” nonmetallic flexible conduit to reach from the power source to the Salt Chlorinator. With the Power OFF, feed the power wires to the Digital unit through the conduit.

At the time clock or electronic controller relay, connect AC power wiring to the LOAD SIDE, or the same location as the circulation pump wires (pump connected to circuit breaker, time clock, or electronic controller).

At this point, your installation is complete and you can start preparing your pool water, but will be covered in another blog. Please note that this is just a brief summary of how this equipment is installed. An Owner’s Manual comes with each unit, or can be found on our website, with more detailed instructions.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a message below, we would be happy to help you!

How Do You Install a Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

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