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When making a decision on how to sanitize your swimming pool, you want to research all available options available to you. Liquid Chlorine (or Sodium Hypochlorite) is one of the most common forms of chlorine used to treat the water in your pool. In this article we will look at the option of a Salt Chlorine Generator and the differences between these two methods.

Salt Chlorine Generators

One of the best alternatives to liquid chlorine is a Salt Chlorine Generator. These systems utilize salt to create chlorine in your pool water. Here are some differences and advantages of these systems.



  • Initial cost of a salt system is higher. However, the ongoing cost of making your own chlorine with a salt system usually comes out less than purchasing packaged chlorine products.
  • Liquid Chlorine requires weekly trips to your pool store to purchase.
  • Liquid Chlorine has a short shelf life before it reduces strength.
  • Liquid Chlorine will increase Salinity Levels with prolonged usage.
  • Liquid Chlorine can be added quickly to increase chlorine levels for superchlorination purposes.

Advantages of a Salt System

  • Convenience of daily delivery of pure chlorine-based sanitizer.
  • Reduction of irritating chloramines versus traditional chlorinating methods.
  • Soft Silky Water effects due to the addition of salt.
  • Salt is readily available and low cost
  • Salt is added in minimal amounts to maintain operating levels.

We at AutoPilot recommend a salt level of 2,500 to 3,000 parts per million (ppm) for operation. Compared to:

  • Ocean/Sea Water – 30,000+ ppm
  • Human Body – 9,000 ppm
  • Saline Solution for contact lenses – 6,000 ppm

Other facts:

  • 4 ppm of Chlorine is ten times more corrosive on stainless steel than 4,000 ppm of salt.
  • The taste level for most people is approximately 3,500 ppm. That is 20% higher than the normal AutoPilot operating range.

Besides the differences and advantages mentioned above, using a salt chlorine generator also means no more purchasing chlorine, no more red eyes, or bleaching of clothes and car floor mats. Because of the purity of the chlorine produced, it has less effect on the overall water chemistry, which means using less chemicals to maintain properly balanced water chemistry.

As you can see there are many advantages to using a salt chlorine generator to sanitize your swimming pool. If you have any further questions regarding this post or anything else about these systems, please feel free to leave us a comment below!

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