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Where Should I Buy a Salt Chlorine Generator And Who Should Install It?

After reviewing the benefits of salt chlorine generators, you’ve decided to move ahead with your purchase. The question now is, where or who do you buy your new system from? Who should install it? We will try to answer these questions for you in this article as well as give you some suggestions as to what you should look for when hiring a contractor to install your new unit.


Salt chlorine generator installers can be found on search engines, yellow pages, etc. Many of them are registered with the manufacturers, insured and bonded. All of those things are very important and need to be checked before you hire an installer. Always make sure you ask and check references and credentials.

Pool Professional

A pool professional should be a factory authorized dealer. They have been trained by the manufacturer of the equipment to install and provide technical support for the particular system you choose. Because they are referred and trained by the manufacturer they also have the brand support behind them for warranty repairs, parts, etc.

Retail Stores

There are many pool retail stores available all throughout the United States and outside the country. They are a wealth of information and are probably already working with a dealer, installer, or in some cases, directly with the manufacturers. Many stores will have a working sample of the salt chlorine system. You will be able to talk face to face with someone with knowledge of the system who can answer any questions you may have.


The major manufacturers of swimming pool equipment have dealers, pool professionals, and retail stores, all available on their websites. We at AutoPilot have a network that can easily be reached by clicking here, depending on your location you will be able to find a professional just by using your zip code. These dealers have passed certain requirements and training in order to qualify as an authorized dealer.


After carefully researching, reviewing and comparing different models and brands of salt chlorine generators, you finally select the perfect one for your family. It is extremely important that you utilize a qualified and certified installer. Also, for warranty purposes make sure to hold on to the original receipt. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below, we will be happy to help you with those.

Where Should I Buy a Salt Chlorine Generator And Who Should Install It?

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