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How Do I Prepare My Salt Chlorine Generator For The Winter Months- A Comprehensive Guide.

Labor Day has come and gone. The unofficial end of the summer means, for some parts of the country preparing for the upcoming winter months. In this blog we will go over the necessary steps to winterize your salt chlorine generator and avoid costly repairs.

Damage caused by freezing conditions is not covered under warranty. Therefore, making sure that proper winterizing guidelines are followed is imperative to protect yourself and your equipment. Steps for winterizing are usually available in the manuals that come with your unit. Most manufactures, like AutoPilot, also have copies of those manuals available on their website. Please keep in mind even though we will not be going over water chemistry in this blog, making sure the water in your pool is properly balanced is also very important. If you would like to read more about chemical levels in your swimming pool, please click here, it is suggested you start balancing your pool water at least a week before closing your pool.

One of the most important steps in winterizing your salt chlorine generator is to drain all water from the manifold assembly this includes the cell and tri-sensor. Some manufacturers encourage the removal of the cell all together. To do this, unscrew the unions at the bottom of the cell and the screen union, this will allow you to store your manifold for the season. To avoid damage, make sure to cap the connections on the check valve to prevent water from going in.

If you have a total control unit, a system with a pool chemistry controller, it is recommended that the pH and ORP sensors also be removed. To do this, fill the included caps with pool water, unscrew the sensors and place them inside the caps, store for the season. The flow switch and flow cell should also be checked for water they can be drained by opening the valve between them.

The power supplies to all of the AutoPilot units are not affected by the cold weather and do not need to be removed during the winter season.

We hope you find this article helpful. When possible, it is recommended that you hire a pool professional to do the winterizing for your swimming pool. However, if you decide to follow these guidelines and close your pool and have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to drop us a note or you can contact us here.

How Do I Prepare My Salt Chlorine Generator For The Winter Months- A Comprehensive Guide.

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