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How Do I Prepare My Salt Chlorine Generator For The Season?

Even though it is cold outside, spring and summer months are coming! With that in mind, you might want to start thinking about what you will need to get your salt chlorine generator ready for the swimming season. Here are some recommendations that will help you prepare your unit.

Balanced pool water is of the utmost importance. Usually, the water would need to be manually chlorine-shocked when first starting up the pool. Experts recommended adding the necessary chlorine manually at start up, rather than using the BOOST cycle of the salt chlorine generator, so you’re not using up hours of cell life.

While the AquaCal AutoPilot will operate under cold water conditions, many other salt chlorine generator systems will remain in a protect mode until water temperatures increase above 60°F.

Once the water has been balanced, a thorough inspection of the system should be done, and should include the following:

  • Inspect cell
  • Inspect manifold screen
  • Test tri-sensor flow switch
  • Clean and/or replace the items as necessary

We are including a chart for your reference, with the recommended water chemistry range, suggested test schedules, and corrective actions to help you correct unbalanced water conditions. Ensure that your overall chemical levels are balanced, according to the saturation index. To read more about the saturation index, please click here.

Those summer months will be here before you know it. Get ready for the barbeques, pool parties, and all the enjoyment that comes from your pool. By following these suggestions, your pool will be good and ready for you when you are good and ready for it!

Please feel free to leave any feedback or questions you may have below.

How Do I Prepare My Salt Chlorine Generator For The Season?

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  1. From your description I found it so useful. The amazing fact is it has 8,000 amp-hour runtime 2 year warranty. You have done really a great job. Thanks for sharing such a informative and helpful post.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. The level of salt in swimming pools definitely requires attention because having too much or too little will have an effect on proper pool maintenance. It's best to use the right tools and seek the help of professionals to avoid the problems that it may bring.

  3. I've had my pool 9 years, just took out my third pool pilot digital,your system lasts 2.5 to3 years and then it's around $2,000.00 every time to replace the system. I live in Florida and have tried everything to make this crap last, and have talked to others and all have said after 2 years the system need replacing.
    Never again!!!
    Thank God it's over!

  4. Awesome topic with meaningful information. There are most beneficial points to know enough salt in a swimming pool. If you are searching how much you want to add salt in the swimming pool this article will perfectly guided you. Must read this article if you want to maintain your swimming pool..!!

  5. Congratulations, you literally wrote probably one of the best posts I've seen in this space in forever. If your blog isn't already rocking it, it definitely will if you keep making sweet posts like these.

  6. I had a pool pilot that was flawless for 7 years. Then it required a new clear and cables. The 409.00 it cost got me to think about replacing the whole system. I decided on Hayward and since day 1 I have regretted that decision. My third cell fail and I'm now waiting for a new Pool Pilot which I will install as soon as it gets here. The $757.00 for a complete setup online.

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  8. Well I'm on my third board in a pool pilot nano also 2nd cell and flow switch well over 1500.00 and it's still not working not impressed one bit with the nano
    Company also said they would help me out buying a new system crediting me with some of money spent for a new one but have never heard back left messages ect now it's just the run around so not very professional.

    1. Susan, if you could email me directly with the details of your system and events, I'll see what I can do. I realize it's been 6 weeks since you posted your comments. I do not visit our blogs as frequently as I should, so I apologize for that.

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