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How Do I Know What Size Cell I Need For My Salt Chlorine Generator?

So you have done your research, read plenty of reviews and blogs and have decided that a salt chlorine generator is the right choice for your pool, great! Now, no matter which brand unit you have chosen, there are still questions: how long should I run the unit for? How does the number of swimmers in my pool affect what I need? What about my pool size? What size cell do I need for all of this? All excellent, normal questions, so let’s go over some of them in this blog.

Let’s talk about the questions above and break them down to get a clear understanding.

Run Time and Ratings.
If your pool seems to be of the volume that is close to the maximum ratings for your run time, and you have a heavy bather load, you should probably upsize the cell to the next largest size in order to be certain that your swimming pool salt chlorinator has the ability to create a safe and healthy swimming pool for all swimmers to enjoy!

Bather load.
The bather load is basically the amount of users your swimming pool regularly has. A pool with little or no usage will require much less sanitizing capabilities than a pool that the neighborhood kids congregate at every day in the height of the summer.

Volume of water you are sanitizing.
All manufacturers tend to rate their cells for the volume of water they can handle. It is important to remember these ratings are based upon a 24/7 run time.

If you have a dog or dogs that enjoy a daily swim, the effect they have on sanitizing needs is similar to a heavy bather load of the human variety.


Many pool owners that are considering switching from chlorine to a salt chlorine generator is what size cell they should use with their system. We have many different systems and cell sizes that will be able to help you with your decision. If you would like to read more about systems please click here or if you would like for us to contact you and help you decide on the system required for your pool please click here

Please feel free to ask any questions or comments below, we would be happy to answer them for you!

How Do I Know What Size Cell I Need For My Salt Chlorine Generator?

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