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I write unsolicited to express my sincere gratitude for my AutoPilot SC-60. I just completed my first Arizona Summer with my new Pool Pilot and I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed. The only adjustment I had to make from winter to summer was adjusting the pump “ON” time from 8 hours to 12 hours. That is all it took for the unit to keep up with the high AZ temps… and this summer was BRUTAL!

The unit is amazing and I love the soft feel on my skin and the best part… I can swim with my contact lenses on! The water is so clear. No irritation, No sticky feel when getting out of the water. It’s Awesome!! In fact, we have a chlorine spa next to the pool. When we get out of the spa, we “rinse-off” in the pool! I chose the AutoPilot because of its self maintaining features which work great! The unit was easy to install too. The only drawback is the opaque cell casing prevents you from seeing the cell. But, no matter, with the self-diagnosing system, you don’t need it. I give the Pool Pilot an A+.

Alan Robinson
Pheonix, AZ

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