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How do I Clean my Cell?


WARNING — Always use safety precautions when handling acid by wearing rubber gloves and safety goggles.

Clean your cell if the cell blades have any calcium build up as shown below.

Please note: You cannot always see Calcium unless the blades are dry.

The Cap method

1) Turn off your water pump

2) Loosen the unions as indicated on the cell manifold

3) Remove the cell and place a cap or plug on the end of the cell as shown

Plugs are available at any pool supply warehouse or home improvement store. Ask for a 1.5″ MPT clean out plug

4) Fill the capped cell with water 2 inches from the top of the cell blades.

5) Fill the rest of the cell with Muriatic Acid. This allows for an approximate 1 to 4 solution.
Always add the acid to the water. If you do it the other way around it can cause the solution to spray back at you and cause serious injury.

6) Allow the solution to sit in the cell for up to 20 minutes.

7) Safely dispose of the solution. (Putting it back into the pool is recommended)

8) Remove the cap and rinse the cell with light water pressure, inspect, and repeat acid washing if the cell is still scaled.

Once the cell has been cleaned, dry off the cell electrical terminals, reassemble the manifold, and return the system to service. Warning: The electrical terminals must be completely dry to avoid corrosion and failure of the cell or cable.


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