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ph_tcpH/ORP Sensors Only – No Acid Tank

This system includes the chlorinator power supply, Pool Chemistry Controller and Total Control Manifold. Does not include an acid tank. You can adjust the system to work with a tank of CO2.

Please select the 75003 Power Supply, the 75001 Pool Chemistry Controller and your choice of manifold.

pH Sensor

Constantly measures pH level
Activates acid pump when pH level rises above set point

ORP Sensor

Constantly measures active sanitizer level in pool water
Signals Digital Chlorine Generator to produce chlorine based on demand

NOTE: Pool Pilot® Digital Total Control System is a tandom system that must be purchased as a unit. If you currently own the Pool Pilot® Digital you cannot purchase the Chemistry Controller separately. This unit uses a modified version of the Pool Pilot® Digital married to the Chemistry Controller.

California residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning

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