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Pool Pilot® Total Control System

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The most accurate and reliable way to maintain perfectly balanced pool and spa water.

No other salt chlorine system comes packed with features like the AutoPilot® Total Control System. Maintaining your pool has never been easier!

No More Buying Chlorine
No More Manually Adding Acid into the Pool
No More Water Chemistry Worries


  • Patented temperature compensation for chlorine output (not applicable w/ ORP Controller)
  • Programmable Microprocessor Control
  • Multi-Language digital display (English, Spanish, French, German)
  • Digital control power to the Cell
  • Tri-sensor circuitry to monitor water flow, water temperature, and salt level
  • Internal relay for controlling an external pump or acid feeder
  • On-board diagnostics and test programs
  • Electronic controller interface for Jandy™, Polaris™, or Pentair IntelliTouch™ controllers

pH Sensor

  • Constantly measures pH level
  • Activates acid pump when pH level rises above set point

ORP Sensor

  • Constantly measures active sanitizer level in pool water
  • Signals Digital Chlorine Generator to produce chlorine based on demand

Flow Cell

  • Sensor protection
  • Provides proper monitoring environment for sensors
  • Water sample tap for manually monitoring water chemistry


NOTE: Pool Pilot® Digital Total Control System is a tandom system that must be purchased as a unit. If you currently own the Pool Pilot® Digital you cannot purchase the Chemistry Controller separately. This unit uses a modified version of the Pool Pilot® Digital married to the Chemistry Controller.

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